Water Treatment Plant: Hutchinson, MN

  • Contract: $10,921,410.00
  • Completed: November 2007
  • Owner: City of Hutchinson, MN
  • Engineer: Engineer: Earth Tech, Minneapolis, MN
  • Scope: Construction of new water treatment plant and demolition of existing WTP. New WTP included RO and biofiltration processes, clear wells, high service pumps, chemical feed systems and misc. piping and site work. Plant Capacity 6.5 MGD


Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements: Elk River, MN

  • Contract: Multiple Contracts ranging from $20,000 to $3,600,000.00
  • Completed: Work Completed in 1981, 1994, 1997, 2006 and 2009
  • Owner: City of Elk River, MN
  • Engineer: Various
  • Scope: Multiple expansions of the existing wastewater treatment facility, including but not limited to head works, clarifiers, digesters, filters and various other treatment process.

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Clinton, IA

  • Contract: $39,098,698.00
  • Completed: August, 2013
  • Owner: City of Clinton, IA
  • Engineer: HDR, Omaha, NE
  • Scope: New Wastewater Treatment Facility along with new influent pumping station.New pumping station was on separate site from new WWTF. New pumping station was large concrete structure with pumps, controls and building. New WWTF consisted of Head works building, with screening and grit removal, oxidation ditch bioreactors, secondary clarifiers, effluent pump station, aerobic digesters and solids handling / dewatering facilities. Along with associated site work, process piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation for both sites.
    Plant Capacity is 15 MGD

Surface Water Treatment Plant: Burnsville, MN

  • Contract: $10,940,800.00
  • Completed: November, 2011
  • Owner: City of Burnsville, MN
  • Engineer: S.E.H., ST. Paul, MN
  • Scope: New multi-level block and brick masonry water treatment building. Water treatment building includes: cast in place concrete sand filters, flocculators,chlorine contact basin and backwash reclaim tank. Scope also included tw raw water surface wells with submersible well pumps, chemical feed equipment, and various process equipment. Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC and controls.
    Plant Capacity is 6 MGD.





Pressure Zone Improvements: Sioux Falls, SD

  • Contract: $1,240,941.00
  • Completed: June 2011
  • Owner: City of Sioux Falls, SD
  • Engineer: Howard R Green Company, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Scope: Replacement of 2 vertical turbine can style pumps, relocating existing piping, fittings, and valves. Install new piping, fittings and valves. Related concrete, masonry, excavation, backfilling site piping, electrical and mechanical systems.
    Plant Capacity was upgraded to 8.4 MGD

Turner Street Pump Station Wastewater Treatment Improvements: Marshalltown, IA

  • Contract: $872,452.00
  • Completed: October 2008
  • Owner: City of Marshalltown, IA
  • Scope: Construct new inverted siphon under Linn Creek, replace sewage pumps in existing lift station

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements: Brainerd, MN

  • Contract: $24,870,587.00
  • Completed: December 2011
  • Owner: Brainerd Public Utilities
  • Engineer: Barr Engineering – Minneapolis, MN & BDM Consulting Engineers – St Paul, MN
  • Scope: Addition, expansion and modifications to existing WWTP. New structures include: headworks building, SBR Facility, UV Disinfection Facility, Anaerobic Digesters, Sludge Storage Tank, and Sludge Thickening Facility. Structures consist of new precast buildings and cast in-place concrete tanks with associated mechanical and electrical services. Process equipment includes screening equipment, SBR equipment with blowers and pumps, UV equipment, digester equipment with covers and mixing systems, gravity belt thickeners and chemical feed systems.
    Plant Capacity will be upgraded to 11 MGD




More Projects

City of Culbertson Water Treatment Plant Culbertson, MT $64,552
Tyson Foods Wastewater Treatment
Dakota City, NE $1,730,009
City of Manistique Water Treatment Plant Manistique, MI $3,012,215
K.I. Sawyer Air Base Sewage Plant Marquette, MI $1,540,000
City of Mantoon Sewage Plant Mantoon, IL $4,233,000
K.I. Sawyer Air Base Sewage Plant Marquette, MI $1,905,000
City of Munising Sewage Plant Munising, MI $1,194,000
City of Menominee Sewage Plant Menominee, MI $2,858,000
Alpena County Sewage Plant $2,152,000
City of Genesco Sewage Plant Genesco, IL $750,000